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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Featured Author Rhonda Parrish

Questions for Red Roses For Authors/Reviews /Interview

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Rhonda Parrish, I've loved writing for as long as I can remember. Midway through high school I stopped doing it but when I picked it up again a few years ago my life improved dramatically. I don't think that's wholly coincidental.

I'm the editor of a fantasy and horror e-zine called Niteblade ( and I blog regularly at Clever domain name, eh? ;)

What do you write?

As cliché as it sounds listing what I don't write would be a less time consuming project than writing what I do. I write whatever I'm inspired to write. Sometimes that takes the form of poetry, sometimes fiction and it spans over a lot of different genres. I think my favourites are fantasy and horror, but I don't restrict myself if I can help it.

Why do you write?

How many times has someone answered this question with 'Because I have to'? I bet a lot, and that's my answer as well. When I'm not writing I'm grumpy and unfulfilled. I have all these characters and stories in my head, I have to get them out and share them.

What are you writing now?

I recently finished up a zombie novel called Deadmonton and I think my next project is a paranormal mystery novel with a touch of romance which I've tentatively titled 'Richter'. I'm excited about it.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

I'm all about being casual and comfortable. My wardrobe reflects that LOL I'm a fan of jeans, earthy colors and black.

Are you in love? Have you ever been?

I am totally in love with my husband, and I also tend to fall in love with whatever my current writing project is. My husband is very good about sharing me with my work *wink*

What kind of comfort food do you like best?

Cookie dough, popcorn or sushi LOL That's quite a selection I know, but I guess my preference changes depending on the situation. Sushi is good anytime though really ;)

What makes you laugh? Cry?

I love to laugh and I have been known to enjoy a good cry too, actually. My husband and daughter both make me laugh quite often, as do my friends. I am blessed to have very clever and funny friends. As for crying, well, I'll do that at the drop of a hat, as the saying goes. Really. It's kinda pathetic actually. If I even –see- anyone crying I join in…it doesn't matter why they are crying, just seeing the tears in their eyes triggers mine.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?

Primarily, I play World of Warcraft LOL 'Spare time' I have that isn't consumed that way is sometimes directed toward quilting or cross stitching, plus I read an obscene amount.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?

I want to tell stories. Lots of stories. I think I've made pretty good progress toward that goal and thus I feel like I'm already a success…happily though, there are still more stories left to tell. Many more.

What are you going to write next?

"Richter" is the next project on my to-do list followed by a M/M fantasy romance novel and another romantic novel featuring a fun shapeshifter. I'm looking forward to both a lot. If only there were a few more hours in the day…


Tabitha Shay said...

Great interview, Rhonda...When does your next book come out???...Tabs

Rhonda Parrish said...

Sister Margaret just came out this month and while I have several short stories and poems upcoming I don't have anything longer scheduled for release right now.