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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

His Reluctant Mistress

His Reluctant Mistress by Joanna Maitland
Historical Romance
April 2009
300 Pages
ISBN: 978-0709085959

A rakish spy finds himself giving his heart to daring opera singer in Joanna
Maitland's fabulous new novel, His Reluctant Mistress!

Sophie Pietre can never forget the cruelty which she had suffered at the
hands of her gambler father. Having been forced to abandon everything that
was familiar to her, Sophie had been compelled to make a living out of
singing opera and although the Ton thought her to be a superb singer, she
knows that the same members of polite society who complimented her voice
would scorn her company in their parlours. But Sophie is determined that
things will change for her. She doesn't want to spend the rest of her life
being treated with disdain by society matrons and being pawed by lecherous
men, so she makes plans to escape from the gilded cage which she has lived
in for the past few years.

Sophie distrusts men and vows never to let another man control her life and
shape her destiny. But when she meets Lord Leo Aikenhead, she finds herself
unable to forget the roguish English gentleman who seems most determined to
make her acquaintance. When a stolen kiss leads to something more, Sophie
soon realizes that she is in danger of falling for Lord Leo.

But can there be a future for a Lord and an opera singer? Or will their past
prevent them from moving forward?

His Reluctant Mistress is a spellbinding Regency romance imbued with plenty
of intrigue, passion and adventure. Joanna Maitland writes beautifully and
with great style and confidence, and I am sure that readers who enjoy
reading historicals will not be disappointed with her latest Harlequin
Historical! 4.5 red roses JB

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