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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Bonded Heart

Bonded Heart by Jane Jackson
Severn House Publishers
Historical Romance
January 2009
224 Pages
ISBN: 978-0727867483

Jane Jackson's sweeping Cornish historicals are not to be missed and her
latest, Bonded Heart, is another spellbinding tale of love, honour and
loyalty by this wonderful storyteller.

Roz Trevaskis' life of luxury and comfort came to an end when she discovered
that her mother was living in Cornwall as a drunk prostitute who would sell
her own soul for a swig of brandy. Determined to help her mother as much as
she possibly can, she leaves her grandfather's house and goes to her aid.
But life in Cornwall for a gentlewoman like her is anything but easy. Forced
to work in a tavern to put food on the table and to keep a roof over their
heads, Roz has to contend with the advances of Will, a man who is adamant
that he will possess her and make her his wife, much to Roz's disgust and

Shame keeps being heaped upon Roz, whose drunk mother's misdemeanors often
lead her down the shameful path of jail. Roz is embarrassed at having to
rescue her mother - especially when she meets the Justice, Branoc Casvellan.
Branoc is attractive, intelligent and out of her league. Although Roz is
drawn to Branoc, she knows that a man such as he could never look twice at
her. But little does she realize, that her face, her figure and her smile
have been haunting Branoc's dreams and thoughts.

Branoc couldn't believe that Roz, with her gentle manners and aristocratic
voice, is the daughter of a drunk. He is intrigued by her and wants nothing
more than to get to know her better. However, Branoc knows that he is
expected to make a suitable match, and marriage to a tavern wench is
anything but!

When Branoc's brother is taken ill, he enlists Roz to look after his ailing
sibling. But as his desire for her increases, Branoc wonders whether he will
be able to resist the woman he has grown to love.

Jane Jackson is a wonderful writer whose books sparkle with beautiful
descriptions and captivating prose which will keep you reading late into the
night. Bonded Heart is the sort of book that has it all: a spirited heroine,
a gorgeous hero, a dastardly villain, poignant romance, nail-biting drama
and plenty of twists and turns to keep you engrossed till the very end!
4.5 red roses JB

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