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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Time Shift

Christiane France/ Time shift/Amber Quill Press, LLC. Ebook, 100 pages.

Mariette had come to France to see the real Paris – a beautiful city she has heard so much about. She wants to experience for herself what her grandfather had told her of his life here in W W l l.
When she discovers his old house has suffered a fire she is curious and asks to go inside. She has an accident and then something strange happens and the book becomes very sexual. She has walked into an orgy taking place in the eighteenth century and mention is made of the Marquis de Sade. She enjoys her encounter with Phillipe but then encounters the Marquis de Vernnay, who is too cruel for her liking.

Are her erotic encounters all in her head and can she find her way back to her own life and happiness?
This is an erotic adventure and will not suit everyone. However, If you enjoy this kind of book you will love it. It gets four red roses from me. Morna

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