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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Fair Haired One

Rorry Lynch/the Fair-Haired One. Novella~2 of the Daughters Of The Dagda Series. Red Rose Publishing. 77 pages/ebook.

Clio, daughter of the Dagda, Lord of all living things is alone walking a beach on earth. She expects to be dragged back to exile in the underworld at any moment, but watches a threesome on a beach and then gives herself without love to a stranger. Disappointed at not finding love she becomes a seagull and flies across the ocean to a new place. She is searching for love. When she meets Connor she is drawn to him but he says that his heart is dead. Can she bring him back to life and happiness?

This is a fable about goddesses from myths and legends. It is also the story of two people searching for love. A nice story with a happy ending. 4 red roses Morna

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