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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dragon Heat

Read this heartfelt and loving review for Dragon Heat by an avid reader and a member of our group. Your review is much appreciated Caffey

DRAGON HEAT/Red Rose Publishing/ Ebook/ by Missy Lyons, is book one in the Dragon Heat Series. Being both a historical fantasy as well as a shape shifter of dragons,this is one totally unique and captivating read!

Set in 1716 A. D. inRidgecrest City, Island Of Sky, author Missy Lyons starts with a prologue that pulls the reader right into the story and the backgroundof the heroine, Alyssa, as she is made captive, tortured and forced toturn over her father's shipping business. Feeling the emotions ofAlyssa's torture both physically and emotionally brought about a start to this book that will make you mesmerized to continue reading to know her story more. Too, the empathy for the characters and story isstrong, realistic and photographic. Each chapter may end but the need to grasp to the next chapter right away will be a guaranteed!

After close to one year from being captive and escaping the dungeons below the King's home, Alyssa has been spending her year safely within a druid group of women called Elisaid, in the Mountains ofJabar. The Elisaid are a group of druid woman that have been cursedto finding love. They stay within their home of woman and deepen their skills in magic and fighting. It's here that Alyssa heightens her fighting skills as well as attempting to improve her magic. As she is not a druid like the Elisaid women are, her attempts with magic are met mostly with failure, but Alyssa's gifts of her physicalstrength keeps her safe and enhances her gifts through the year.With rarely having any male visitors to their home of the Elisaid,Prince Xanther of the Royal House Of Sinclair, the King's son, visits the Elisaid woman in the mountains to pick two woman to serve the Kingfor one year. As Alyssa and another woman are chosen, Alyssa plans to investigate and take on a revenge to all those who took so much from her, especially those who forced her to be branded with the dragon so she could be sold to slavery and lose her father's business.

Thosewith Dragon Blood are branded with the Dragon to continue the line andthey become Life Servants to the King, as their ones are becomingextinct. With both of Alyssa's parents dead, she believes she wasbranded falsely. As the King's son, Xanther recognizes those of hisblood and is immediately gallant towards Alyssa as soon as he sees herand her dragon brand. With both Alyssa and Xanther both feeling theinstant attraction to each other, Xanther is strong in hisassertiveness of what he finds and wants of her but Alyssa tries toresist the attraction as her past reminds her of attending towards the revenge she plans on.The world building of this story is wonderfully written, both veryarresting and so well established with ease and understanding in DRAGON HEAT, that it becomes genuine. The world of DRAGON HEAT is so realistic that its felt as being transported into that time as placein the castle and lands as the story unfolds.

The intensity of Alyssaand Xanther love is one that grows and struggles through the book as Alyssa also has to confront her past and future. There will be many times for tears as well as smiles when watching their relationshipsoar reading DRAGON HEAT. Both warm and beautiful, the tension ofboth the sensuality and adventure, made for a gripping story of Alyssa and Xanther. It was truly a wonderful joy to read DRAGON HEAT by Missy Lyons. This book is a full novel and available at Red Rose Publishing. There were so many times that there was no way to put this book down with the enthralling story of the romance and drama of this book.

It is so hoped that Liam and Elsbeth, two other characters in DRAGON HEAT,would have their story told as well as the fight to solve the curse. Lady Isabelle, Mother Superior of Elisaid, the leader, having abackground with the King, makes you want to know more as how she gotto where she was. Its hoped that her story too will be told, and a truly to just to be able to re-visit this so enchanting world. Thebeauty and joy of DRAGON BLOOD by Missy Lyons, earns and deserves all the five roses.Caffey

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