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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Ransom Love

Ransom Love by Rita Karnopp

Eternal Press/ ebook

1868 Montana Territory

Jennie has spent the last four years surviving among the Blackfeet Indians. Taken as a young girl, she still struggles to forget her life among the white people. She thinks she will never be able to return to that way of life.

Cody Larimer has his reasons for rescuing girls and women that have been taken captive by the Indians. He has just been hired by Jennie’s sister’s adoptive mother to find Jennie and bring her home. Cody can usually find the ones he is searching for. He thinks Jennie is just another woman to be rescued.

At first Jennie fights his rescue but as time goes on things start to change. Cody wants to get Jennie to Fort Benton where her sister Violet is. First he has to convince Jennie this is what she wants and they have to manage not to get killed by the men that have been hired to kill them. Now, if they can only figure out why someone would want them dead. They also are trying to fight their attraction to each other. It is a complication they neither want nor feel it will ever be able to go anywhere.

Fighting the weather, outlaws and Indians they have to wonder if they will ever survive this rescue. Jennie is convinced that if she does make it to civilization she will never be accepted since she has spent four years among the Indians. She has decided that as soon as she can she will escape from Cody and go to California to start a new life. Cody isn’t about to let her get away.

On the way to Fort Benton Cody is hurt badly and Jennie isn’t sure she is going to be able to save him. While taking care of him they run into more trouble. Now if she can just figure out how to get out of this latest mess they just might be able to survive.

Once at Fort Benton they find things aren’t quite what they expected. Just when they think things are going to be fine they find that Violet has run away and no one will say why. Jennie wonders if she will ever see her sister again. Four years ago she made sure that the Indians where unable to find her little sister, Violet, when she was captured, now her sister is rumored to have left Fort Benton to search for Jennie on her own.

This story is full of twists and turns. Just when you think you know what is going to happen along comes another twist. This one is full of bad guys and lots of action. It is hard to put down once you start reading. Some readers may have some problems with some of the situations but each part adds to a great whole.

This is a 4 red roses read. Larena

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