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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Muslim Lover

Rorrey Lynch/Muslim Lover/Red Rose Publishing/79 pages/ebook ISBN 978-1-60435-161-3

He said she was like the Sea’s High Priestess, she called him Zee, because he was number 26. They met at a class to study Muslim laws and religion, but he knew all there was to know for he was a true believer. She was kind to him when the other students ostracised him and he taught her new and wonderful things. They watched a dolphin playing in the sea and made love – but Zee demands so much Can she give all of herself and will she find happiness if she does? More importantly perhaps, will she find herself?

This is a beautiful story, haunting and sad but also compelling. I like the way this book was written, with such well formed prose. 4.5 red roses, Anne

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