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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Devil's Got A New Disguise

Lexie Davis/Devil’s Got a New disguise/ebook/126 pages/Amira Press

When Tyler’s friends dared him to seduce Jasmine Winters he refused, because she was his boss’s daughter. She was the plainest woman in the room and the rules of the game meant that he had no choice but to try. Jasmine was waiting for her sister Madison. When Madison arrived she turned out to be beautiful but she had a temper and she packed a heavy punch. Tyler was about to lose his bet!

Madison thinks her sister is innocent so when she discovers Jasmine is pregnant her first thought is to blame Tyler. However, the child isn’t his and Tyler has a thing for Madison. She thinks he is a jerk but when her father offers help with her business, Tyler is given the job of promoting it. They have a love/hate relationship but there is a strong sexual attraction. The trouble is that Madison doesn’t trust men – and with good cause. Can they ever stop fighting long enough to fall in love?

This is a sharp, tough love story. If you enjoy sex and quarrels you should like this one. 4 red roses, Morna

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