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Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Yorkshire/Lynne Connolly/Mundania Press/ebook/paperback/ISBN1-59426-296-9/ 182pgs

This is the first of the Richard & Rose series. In this book, Rose Golightly meets Lord Strang for the first time and is immediately attracted to him, though he is already engaged to be married. In a time when manners counted for everything, it was impossible to think of a relationship between them, but despite that it happens, because they simply cannot stay apart. However, a dreadful accident occurs and people are killed, both of them members of the same family. Their deaths leave Rose’s brother the new heir to the earldom and this could arouse suspicion that it was not an accident after all. The scandal could ruin the family, but fortunately Lord Strang knows a thing or two about clearing up mysteries of this kind. Will he be able to solve the mystery and clear James of plotting to murder the men who stood between him and the title – and perhaps more importantly can they find happiness together?

You will not get all the answers in this book because we are lucky enough to have a series of these wonderful stories! Lynne Connolly is an exceptional and very talented writer. I award this book five red roses. Anne
You can buy the print version at amazon and the ebook at Mundania Press.

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