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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Return to Winter

Return to Winter by Lynette Rees
Wild Rose Press/ 178 pages/ebook

After running away from everything and everyone Stephanie is returning home. Her biggest regret was running out on Dylan without an explanation. She is looking forward to returning home even though the reasons she left still remain. She has mixed feelings about seeing Dylan again. Arriving at the airport Stephanie is expecting her friends Matt and Sandy instead it is Dylan. The last time Stephanie saw Dylan was at Matt & Sandy’s wedding. Dylan is angry with Stephanie for leaving him without a word. Driving home Dylan and Stephanie decide to stop for some coffee and to chat. Stephanie asks Dylan to tell her why he picked her up at the airport and not Matt and Sandy. Dylan explains that Sandy is pregnant and went into early labor. Stephanie is hesitant to tell Dylan anything. She is afraid it might put his life in danger. He finally convinces her to tell him what happened. Stephanie tells Dylan that she saw Lawrence Black kill someone. She last saw Lawrence at the wedding and felt she had to disappear to save her life. Dylan urges Stephanie to go the police. She says she can’t as that could make Lawrence come after her. She explains Lawrence is very dangerous and has several criminal enterprises. Dylan asks how she knows this. Stephanie admits that two years earlier she dated Lawrence. After hearing all this, Dylan refuses to take Stephanie to her apartment, as it is right across the street from Lawrence’s place. Dylan instead takes Stephanie to his hotel, which is a converted castle. Upon arrival at the hotel, Dylan is met by a blonde woman, Cassandra, who she up and kisses him when he gets out of his car. Dylan introduces Cassandra as his new manager. Stephanie realizes this is more than just an employer/employee relationship. Evidently Dylan didn’t miss her very much as he didn’t wait long to get someone else. Dylan tells Stephanie that Cassandra is his fiancĂ© and he has been engaged for many years. This hurts Stephanie terribly as she now realizes that when they were together he was engaged to someone else. Dylan realizes that it was unfair of him to spring Cassandra on her even though he had been hurt when Stephanie left. Dylan tries to explain that Cassandra and he have been going their own way for years and they had just never gotten around to breaking off the engagement. Cassandra leaves the next day to pursue her own life in London. The engagement has finally come to an end.
You will have to read it to find out what happens next!

This book has a little bit of everything. This makes for a really good romantic suspense story. If you love suspense this one is worth reading and keeps you guessing until the very end.

I give this one 4 red roses.

Larena Wirum

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