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Monday, 13 August 2007

Interview with Shawna Moore

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a fiercely determined and focused woman who survived a birth against all medical odds. During my high school days I won various writing competitions and earned a 4.0 GPA. I also maintained a 4.0 GPA in college. For fifteen years I worked in medical offices in a variety of capacities (medical transcriptionist, billing specialist/coder, secretary, medical assistant, and office manager). Those days were quite rewarding, but since embarking on a full-time writing career I haven’t looked back. I value my spouse, family and friends above all else in life. When it comes to values and opinions, I stand by mine even if I stand alone. I’ve always chosen leading over following. I’d go to the greatest lengths to protect my friends and loved ones, meet my goals and make my fondest dreams come true.

What do you write? I enjoy writing a variety of genres and sub-genres. Currently I’m focusing on erotic romance, erotica and women’s fiction and have completed 45 manuscripts (over half of which are novel length). The first book I had published was an historical erotic romance, SAINTS AND SINNERS, and that story—set during the Jazz Age—will always remain near and dear my heart.

Why do you write? Well before I started Kindergarten, I thrived on creating enchanting fictional worlds and characters. For most of my life, I wrote lots of stories for fun. Never thought of having them published. That all changed when my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer back in 1999. Eventually, with the blessing of my husband, I embarked on a writing journey that led to a full-time career. During my mother’s illness, I started writing my first romance novel—a historical. Each day I shared the pages I’d written with my mother, an avid reader of romance and women’s fiction. Writing served as a creative outlet and a catharsis for me during her illness. It also provided us many hours of discussion that focused away from the pain and reality of cancer. She passed away in February of 2001, but her spiritual presence remains with me daily, spurring me onward to plot and write more stories.

What are you writing now? I’m writing Helle’s next adventures for the follow-up to HELLE IN HEELS which was released by Ellora’s Cave earlier this year. I’m also plotting two women’s fiction novels and editing a historical erotic romance. On August 31, my next Ellora’s Cave novel, ROUGHRIDER, will be available.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear? While I always study current fashion trends, my wardrobe purchases are no longer driven by them. I adore shoes, especially sandals and sassy pumps. I’ve put away most of the stilettos but have a favorite black-patent pair I step out in occasionally. Leather and suede jackets, handbags and accessories are some of my favorites. Silk blends and cotton in yummy pastels are my picks for much of the year. In the wintertime, fleece wear is my choice. Since I’m a full-time author, I dress ultra-casual when reporting to my desk and keyboard for 8-10 or more hours at least five days a week. But I also adore formal occasions. Ever since childhood, I’ve loved spending an hour or more planning the perfect ensemble, styling my hair, etc.

Are you in love? Have you ever been? For over a decade I’ve been married to my real-life hero—the man without whom some of my dreams couldn’t have become reality.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like? No dream lovers for me. My fantasies involve my husband.

What kind of comfort food do you like best? Chocolate will likely always remain at the top of my comfort food list. Other foods are ice cream, slippery pot pie, and fried chicken. When the body, mind and soul need comforting on occasion, there’s no counting calories.

What makes you laugh? Cry? Puppies, smiling babies, nibbling kisses on my neck and shoulders from hubby, soaring toward the sky while on a swing at the park, memories of times spent with my mom and dad, sharing a slice of watermelon with my hero—these are all things that make me laugh. I’m not one prone to crying. It takes something quite profound to make me cry—although I have become teary-eyed on several occasions while watching a well-written dramatic passage play out on screen. Betrayals (by people I thought were friends) and the memory of saying the final goodbye to my beloved mother are events that have driven me to tears.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working? I enjoy coffee and lunch with friends and family. Reading. Taking long walks (great for plotting new books and shorter stories). Spending time with hubby.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please! When it comes to men and the attraction factor, the eyes have it for me. Sexy eyes and a sexy smile. A deeper male voice will always keep my attention riveted. And a man must have a good sense of humor and a caring nature. Of course, we all enjoy watching a handsome man, but looks don’t play a major role in what I find appealing. Looks fade and can be deceiving. Kindness, caring, intelligence and a steady hand to hold are more lasting and far more important in garnering and maintaining my attention and respect.

What do you hate about life? That we only have a finite number of days on God’s Earth to live, laugh, accomplish our goals, etc.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success? I hope to live until I’m 100 and still write novels. Sign 100 publishing contracts and have those stories available for readers. Reach the New York Times list at least once. Provide as much love and support for my friends and family as humanly possible.

What are you going to write next? I’ve an idea for a category-length book that’s been simmering since RWA National in Dallas. During our vacation in the Sonoran Desert before the conference, I spotted the perfect physical prototype for the book’s hero. The story’s heroine came to mind while I was preparing lunch one day about a week after we returned home. This pair promises me they were meant to have their story told, and I’m convinced they’re telling me the truth.

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