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Saturday, 4 August 2007

How wicked Can She Go?

J Morgan/How Wicked Can She Go?/Dark Eden Press/ebook 112pgs

Niki is a witch. She is also beautiful, lazy, loves sugar and is always trying to be wicked without succeeding. Her supervisor, Merlina, threatens to send her home if she doesn't do better and gives her an assignment. Gregory Hamilton is looking for his one true love and wants a spell to help him find it. Niki has to be wicked to him and turn him off love forever to prove her wickedness. However, when Gregory walks through her door all she can think about is getting him into bed, which turns out to be harder than it might seem. And what happens if a witch falls in love with a mortal? All this is going on while Niki is under almost permanent attack from pixies and trolls and the like - though the troll turns out to be likeable, which is unusual for a troll.

You are getting the picture? This is the most wonderful, funniest book I have read for a while and I love it. Magic and Mayhem and a witch who isn't as wicked as she would like to be plus fun scenes in the bedroom! J Morgan is a master of this art and deserves to be top of the tree when it comes to romantic comedy. I give a bouquet of red roses to this book and look forward to reading many more like it. Anne

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