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Sunday, 5 August 2007

J Morgan bio

J. Morgan grew up in a small town in northern Louisiana. A Fine Arts major in college J. dreamed of becoming the next Michelangelo or a comic book artist, whichever came first. It was only later in life that dreams of writing tore him away from the easel to buy a laptop and start writing. Two laptops later the stories keep flowing.
J. Morgan is happily married to fellow author Jenna Leigh. Well, happily is a relative term when it comes to who gets to read the new Dark Hunter book first. J. can be found in front of the TV pretending to write while really watching endless hours of drivel and laughing at the voices in his head who are constantly feeding him plotlines. While, the voices may not be in control yet, one day they hope to have a book deal of their own, ‘til then J. Morgan will continue to get to spend the royalty checks.

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