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Monday, 27 August 2007

Interview with Dalton

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a pretty regular person. I work days in the computer business, write in my spare time and also run a bicycle repair business too. I’ve been a jeweller for more than 30 years, also paint in watercolours, and work in pen and ink. I’m in a committed relationship and have been for 15 years and am blissfully happy.

What do you write?
Erotica of all sorts. Everything from straight, vanilla sex, to some very edgy fetish type work. I have a particular fondness for bi-sex, first time, college exploration stories and gay.

Why do you write?
I’ve been a very sexual person since I was very young and have also been a writer since I was very young. As I got older and began to read about sex, it thrilled, aroused and fascinated me. When I began to write sexually explicit work, it all built on itself. I remember giving a story to a co-worker. She took it home, read it, and she and her husband had incredible sex. That just astounded and thrilled me to no end.

What are you writing now?
I have a novella/novel about a man who can mentally connect with others with regards to their sexual needs, fantasies and desires. I’m about 20,000 words in, and I know how I want it to end but I’m still figuring out the best way to get there. I’m also doing some work for, which is a great bi-sex site.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
As little as possible. Jeans, polo shirts, Hawaiian shirts, running shorts. Depends on the season.

Are you in love? Have you ever been?
Yes to both questions.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like?
Looks like my partner.

What kind of comfort food do you like best?
Chinese, subs, pizza, Buffalo wings, mac and cheese.

What makes you laugh? Cry?
Good stand up comedy (Robin Williams, George Carlin). Good romantic movies (Love Actually is the best!).

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
Run, read, bicycle (over 1,000 miles so far this year), walk, eat out, garage sales.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!
A great imagination. Being comfortable in their own skin. Feeling free to express themselves sexually with no reservations.

What do you hate about life?
The dirtbags who seems to be in charge these days. Selfish people. Stupid people. Anyone who drives an SUV. Bad drivers who put others at risk (spoken like a true cyclist/runner).

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?
I would like to be able to take care of my partner and myself, our families and live to our own schedule and rules. I’ll know I’m there when I can get up and decide what to do each day as opposed to being scheduled.

What are you going to write next?
I have an idea for a piece about a young woman alone in her family home and pleasuring herself and thinking about what she’s been doing away at college. Very quiet, strongly sexual and atmospheric.

It sounds as if you write very naughty books, and your new sounds as if it may have a little romance in it, which is what we like on red roses for authors"
Dalton Writes for Dark Eden Press

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