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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Warrior Or Wife

Lyn Randal/Warrior Or wife/Harlequin Mills & boon/historical/papberback/ISBn 978-0-262-85190-8/UK £3.98/ 297 pgs

When Marcus Flavius Donatus returns to Rome after years away fighting in the wars he is told to visit the gladiatorial arena if he wishes to find Leila, the woman he seeks. There he sees a magnificent woman fighting as a gladiatrix, but only later does he discover that Leda is the woman he loves. Leila sold herself into slavery because her father threw her out. She has a secret, but even when Marcus persuades her that she should be his wife she does not tell him that the reason her father threw her out was because she was having his child. The plot has many twists and turns and the research is good, because we get a flavour of Rome and the gladiatorial arena.

This is a first novel for HMB but I believe the author has written for other publishers. She has the style of an established author and I enjoyed her book. I give five red roses for this story, Anne

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