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Sunday, 1 April 2007

The Silver Blade

Silver Blade/Michelle Levigne/Triskelion/ebook
The Silver Blade is a wonderful story of magic, duty and courage. The Kreefa people were resident in Britain when the Romans fought Boudicca and her story is caught up in theirs. To understand this tale of magic, you must accept that the Keefa people are able to change from human form into wolves at will, easily and without pain. Their enemies are the Lost Ones, who have been tainted by evil magic and the man-wolves – what have become known as werewolves.
Casida is the Red Queen. She has the power to calm her people during the Fever with her mind and her scent. She needs a mate or husband to help her in her fight against the man-wolves, who are controlled by renegade Kreefa. These enemies plan to take over the tribe, but they are evil and Casida must fight and destroy them. To do this she needs the help of Ansgar, the Druid warrior and his enchanted silver blade, but when they meet she is drawn to him in a way she has not been before – though she did have a husband she believes dead. Ansgar loves and desires her, but Casida is afraid to reveal her secret to him, for if he knew that she was able to become a wolf at will she fears that he would despise her. When he does discover her secret it threatens to tear them apart. However, in this beautifully written story of battles, magic and passion, the power of love will always overcome evil.
Michelle Levigne is a talented writer who makes it easy to believe in her tales of legend and enchantment, her powers of description spellbinding in themselves. I was caught from page one and can truly say that I lost myself in a land of Druids, Romans and the wonderful people that are the Kreefa. I award this book five red roses, Anne

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