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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

At The Earl's Command

At the Earl's command/Marina Oliver/Robert Hale/ISBN 978-0-7090-8245-3/hb/£18.99/223p
Kate Byford's first meeting with Adam Rhydd, her grandfather's heir and soon to be Earl of Malvern, is less than fortuitous. Seeing her wearing an ill-fitting gown and trying to return escaped piglets to their pen, he mistakes her for a milkmaid. He is understandably annoyed when the goat she is trying to control butts him into a cowpat. Imagine Kate's embarrassment when she later discovers the indentity of the angry gentleman, and her indignation when, after her grandfather's death, she is told she must marry him or lose her inheritance!

No girl of spirit is going to put up with that and despite feelings for Adam that she cannot explain, she leads him a merry dance! Poor Adam has to rescue her from so many scrapes it is a wonder that he doesn't put her across his knee and spank her! Despite some serious moments and an underlying menace, this delightful Regency tumbles the reader through adventure after adventure to a satisfactory end. This writer has to be one of the very best Romance authors around. I give her five red roses and look forward to reading her again soon! Anne

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