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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Chances Return

Chance's Return/Lucy Naylor Kubash/Triskelionpublishing/ebook/Inspirational Romance/

Prodigal son Chance McCord has had his fair share of tragedy in his life as well as a broken family. Returning home to North Star near the Grand Tetons of Wyoming. He becomes confronted with his shadowy past filled with painful regrets. But finds new hopes in Casey Girard, a young widow and mother. Compassionate Casey unexpectedly falls in love with the handsome Chance as she works on the ranch with her son, in a summer beyond her dreams...But will they learn how to have faith and trust in each other? To let love be a new beginning, and heal all their sorrows? Chance's return is becoming all the more a homecoming than he ever knew before.
Lucy Naylor Kubash has written a beautiful, touching, inspirational love story, that was a delight to read! I shall be really looking forward to more books by Lucy in the future. I award this five red roses. MP.

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