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Saturday, 7 April 2007

MS Pendragon

MS Pendragon/ Michele Lang/Triskelion print/ ISBN 1-93338-74-36-8/ $6.99 'PB/ 242 pgs
King Arthur and his Knights of the round Table is the ultimate legend, the one we all love. I began reading MS Pendragon with some reserve, because the idea sounded unlikely. Mordred in New York – why?
I am happy to say that I was transported almost from the start, certainly from the time Gwen became Guinevere. This tale of magic and rewriting old legends is nothing shot of enthralling. I loved it from start to finish. Some purists might be unhappy at the way history (or legend) is rewritten, becoming more of a romance, but not me. I couldn't wait to travel back through time and bring Arthur back to life with a kiss. I cheered Gwen on as she took on the court bullies and won. She put right the wrong her earlier self had done, winning Arthur's love once more by the sacrifice she made. It was fresh, fun and compelling. Bring on the next in Mists Of Manhattan. Award? I give this a bouquet of red roses. This gal is special! Anne

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