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Monday, 23 April 2007

The Bakkar Bride

The Bakkar Bride/Jewel MCGuire/Triskelionpublishing/ebook
The Bakkar brothers are three princes of the Northern Provinces of Ra's Ak' Al Asad. Singeh, Barin & Lortin, and they are in search of a bride. Not so unusual perhaps, except that in their world they are looking for a female to share. It is the custom of the Rasalasian males to share a wife with their littermates, because these princes are a mixture of big cat and a human-like creature. At the conference of the inter-galactic Alliance they meet Mary Jane, who has been stolen from her time on earth and is seeking away to get back. Singeh is the first to feel desire for her and brings her to meet his brothers, but it is Lortin who helps her to escape the dominance of the Alliance.
This is a very different story, and is certainly eighteen plus. It is erotic, though there is a pleasant, even touching, love story at its heart, but the sexual scenes are explicit. However, for readers of science fiction, and lovers of erotica, this story of aliens looking for a new species of females to save their planet is very readable. I think for its genre it is excellent and deserves a rating of five red roses, but please be warned that it is explicit stuff! Anne

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Who is Minx Malone? said...

I love this book! The personalities of each of the brothers are so well developed that you find yourself falling for each of them. Very hot read and a great love story.

Minx Malone