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Friday, 27 April 2007

Not without Risk

Not Without Risk/Sarah Grimm/TriskelionPublishing/Ebook/Mystery-Romance

Paige Conroy is a photographer with a hidden past she doesn't want to reveal. But an old friend comes back to town and desperately needs Paige's help. Paige finds her friend dead hours later as she arrives at her friend's hotel room. Now pulled into a mystery of crime. Paige becomes a target. Now she must turn to a handsome stranger for protection...

Sergeant Justin Harrison has returned to the San Diego homicide division after an accident. And has decided nothing should stand in his way upon his return to solving crime. But things take an unexpected turn on his new case as he encounters Paige, a troubled beauty that has already become a target of the murderer.

Is it just the fear of the dangers of becoming the next victim or is it the fear of falling for Justin that overpowers Paige more?

Not Without Risk is hot and sexy and throughly exciting. Sarah Grimm has writen a real page turner full of crime, romance and sexual tension. A great story not to be missed! I Award five red roses. MP

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Toni Anderson said...

Awesome review for Sarah, I couldn't agree more :)