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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Crazy For the Cowboy

Crazy For The Cowboy
(Series: Love At The Crazy H)/Cindy Spencer Pape/The Wild Rose Press/ebook/2007/

Rhiannon Jakobowski is a city girl who has just inherited a bookstore in Shirley, Wyoming. Her first claim at independence. But things are about to take an unexpected turn as she awakens to find the towns Sheriff Fitz Hall in her bed. If it were a dream it was a good one. But as the morning comes, this stranger becomes more then that. As Fitz claims the apartment as his and she must go, believing Rhiannon was up to nothing but tricks. He had another thing coming for Rhiannon was determind not to give up now and leave. But was she just determind to keep her new found independence or was she really crazy for the cowboy?

Cindy Spencer Pape writes a fun and entertaining, page turning story in Crazy For The Cowboy. Humorous and sensual and very romantic. A great read I highly recomend. I award this five red roses. MP

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