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Thursday, 29 April 2010


Instinctive by Cathryn Fox

Publisher: Heat

October 2009

ISBN: 978-0-451-22794-2

Pages: 270

Jaclyn Vasenty has moved to the small town of Serene so she can clean up her bad girl ways. She also is out to prove to her father’s board of directors of the family cosmetic company that she is the right person to take over the company. Serene isn’t quite what Jaclyn thought it was and she is finding it harder than ever to keep her desires in check. Now if she could just determine what is going on in this strange town it might help or it just might get her into a lot of trouble.

Slyck is a shape shifting panther that is just one of the paranormals that live in the town of Serene. Serene is actually the home of shape shifters, demons, vampires and witches and none of them like outsiders in their little town. Slyck feels that there is something very different about Jaclyn and he is starting to break the rules just to be with her and find out the truth about her. The one thing he never expected was what he is starting to feel for her and what is starting to look like is the truth about Jaclyn.

Things are brewing in the town and if Jaclyn wants to get out of town alive she is going to have to decide who to trust. Her instincts are telling her to trust Slyck. It is also starting to look like he is the only one that will be able to help her get out of town alive. Now they are going to have to trust each other and come up with a plan that will get them out of town. That just might be a lot easier said than done.

This story has a different take on paranormals that makes this one hard to put down. It is interesting to watch Jaclyn discover the truth about herself and her personal history and to see how she handles the things thrown her way. As you read you are constantly trying to determine what each character is up to and what will happen next. This makes for a very interesting read. The story moves along very smoothly and keeps your attention until the very end.

I give this one 4 red roses.

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