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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Coming Undone

Coming Undone by Lauren Dane

Publisher: Heat

January 2010

ISBN: 978-0-425-23270-5

Pages: 291

Elise Sorenson moved to Seattle to get away from a painful past and to give both herself and her daughter a new start. Elise is starting her own business now that her dancing career is finished due to an injury that she was unable to overcome. Now she can teach others to dance and still be able to do the dancing that she has always loved even if it is in a different way than she did before. She feels that her life is finally getting back on track for the both of them. Elise’s life takes an unexpected turn when she sees a neighbor hit by a car and the driver leaves the scene. Stopping to help her neighbor ends up having unexpected results.

Brody Brown has noticed his new neighbor from across the street. What he never expected was the instant attraction that happened between the two of them. Stopping by her place to thank her for her help after his accident gives him a chance to truly meet Elise and her daughter. Brody wasn’t looking for anything but becoming friends with Elise is leading in a way that Brody never saw coming. Thinking they can keep things casual between them they are finding out that what they thought they were looking for wasn’t what they end up wanting. Now they just have to determine how to tell each other they want a lot more than the casual relationship that they were first looking for.

Elise has trouble headed her way that she had hoped was done and finished but is now returning with a vengeance. Brody is determined to be there for her and help her with one of the most important fights of her life. Elise’s ex-in-laws are trying to take her daughter from her and Elise and Brody are determined that will never happen. As Elise fights to keep her daughter, Brody and Elise are getting closer and are determined that once the fight with the in-laws is over they are going to have to do something so that they don’t lose what they now have and are determined to keep.

This is a really good story. It deals with everyday issues to where you feel for the characters but makes sure you get a happy ending. You see the characters just together at first for fun but has time goes by their feelings for each other deepen to the point they know they need to be together as they are happiest together and not apart.

I give this one 4 red roses

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