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Thursday, 1 April 2010

My Lady Domino




ISBN 978-0-7090-8998-8.

This Historic romance is set in Bath in 1810, but it really began five years before, when a fire swept through, Beech Park, the home of Miss Adele Russell, killing her father, a wealthy banker. That terrible night ruined her life, she not only lost her Father, but subsequently his reputation was ruined also, as he was accused of being an embezzler. Adele knew that the evidence against her father was false and that he had known who the embezzler really was, but all the evidence was lost in the fire, which Adele was sure had been deliberately started, although she could not prove it.

Now Miss Adele Russell worked and lived in a Haberdashery shop in fashionable Milsome Street, which was leased by her former nurse, Miss Cat Rogers, who loved her as her own daughter. Although Adele would forever be grateful to her nurse and indeed did love her dearly, she missed her former life and the last five years had been very hard.

At the time of the fire and the death of her father, which broke her heart, yet another tragedy struck her, the man she was engaged to, David the Earl of Blaisdon, wrote to her saying the engagement was over and he then left the country. Her whole life it seemed was shattered, but she held her head high and with an inborn pride she made a new life with her nurse.

After being threatened by her father’s former clerk, who had suddenly become very rich, since the death of her father, Adele was to be plunged into danger and intrigue. She told him that she knew he was responsible for her father’s death and the false accusations. He laughed at her and told her to prove it.

When she found an invitation to a masked ball being held by the Duchess of Bellingham which had no name on it, in the street, she decided to go to the ball, believing no one would recognize her in a mask. Adele knew it was madness but it was an opportunity to capture her old life, if only for one night.

At the ball she was confronted by her former fiancé who whirled her into a waltz, although he had no idea who she was, as soon as the music stopped she walked away from him leaving him standing in the middle of the ballroom. The rest of the evening she made sure that she kept out of his way. Dancing only with another gentleman who she did not recognize but who made her feel special and alive again. Adele knew she was being unwise but the feelings she was having were exciting and for the first time in five years she was really enjoying herself. Adele would not identify herself to the romantic masked man and he found this tantalizing and begged her to meet him the next day.

Will Adele bury her fears and meet the masked man or will she stay away from him and her former fiancĂ©. Will her life change again and will she ever be able to clear her father’s name?

Please read this book it is well worth reading and will, I am sure hold your interest from the beginning to the end, I found it a lovely story and award it 5 Red Roses.AS

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