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Friday, 9 April 2010

Killer Secrets

Killer Secrets by Lora Leigh

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

March 2008

ISBN: 978-0-312-93994-6

Pages: 370

Ian Richards’s mother was on the run with Ian for most of his childhood living in fear of Ian’s father and family. She knew that if they were ever caught it would mean death at the very least for Ian but more than likely for the both of them. As Ian grew older they made sure that no one ever knew the identity of Ian’s father. Now it is time for Ian to admit who his father is and being a SEAL with a team of men that he has fought with for years makes it even harder to admit to having a drug cartel leader for a father. Ian knows that the only way he could save his fellow team mate and best friend, Nathan after he had been captured and tortured for over a year was to admit that Diego Fuentes was his father. Ian may be admitting to who his father is but it is for more than just to free Nathan from captivity. It is to also help identify and capture a terrorist that has been eluding law enforcement for years. Now is the time to bring down both his father and the terrorist known only as Sorrell. Ian has laid the groundwork to accomplish both. But getting his father to believe that Ian has turned against his friends and country and is now ready to join the family business isn’t going to be easy. And getting Diego to trust him is going to be even harder. Ian’s mission is to identify Sorrell and bring both Sorrell and Diego in so they can face justice but Ian has other plans for the two men and they don’t include letting them live.

Kira Porter is an agent that has been sent to keep Diego Fuentes alive. He might be a drug lord but he provides a lot of information to the government and is worth more alive than dead. Now she just has to try to keep Ian from killing his father and hope he doesn’t see what she is doing as a betrayal. Kira has her own reasons for wanting Sorrell taken down and preferably dead. She is starting to have her loyalty torn between her job and her heart.

Ian and Kira are in a high stakes game that needs all their attention, but their attention is getting distracted by their attraction for each other. Now they are going to have to walk carefully because one false step could be their last. Kira is fast seeing that her only loyalty is to Ian and no one else. Now if they can only make it out of this mission alive they just might have a future together.

This one has lots of flying bullets and missiles with exploding cars thrown in. This story has a lot of great action inside and outside the bedroom. You never know what is going to be flying next. This is one you hate to see end. This is a very fast paced story. You will hate to put it down until the very last sentence. This is one book you can read over and over.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

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