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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Velvet Haven

Velvet Haven The Immortals of Annwyn: Book One by Sophie Renwick

Publisher: Heat

March 2010

ISBN: 978-0-451-22918-2

Pages: 326

Bran is the shape-shifter king of the Sidhe. Bran has no use for mortals but unfortunately a curse placed on him makes them necessary to his magic and survival. Now he has to find out who is killing paranormals. All he has is evidence that the one doing it is using black magic and is killing them very brutally. Bran knows he has to go into the mortal world to find out more but he isn’t happy about it though he will do anything to protect his people.

Mairi is a mortal that is more than she seems. Mairi hasn’t had an easy life but her mother and her received help when they needed it. Mairi had help getting into college. Mairi became a nurse as a way to give back to others. Another way she gives back is to help trouble teens. Now one of those teens has been killed.

Going to Velvet Haven, the night club Mairi meets Bran she feels an attraction that she has never felt before. Mairi is the first mortal that Bran has ever been really attracted to and he is not sure what to make of this attraction. Soon they find out they have more in common than their attraction for each other. Someone is committing murders that are the same in both the mortal world and in Bran’s world. Bran soon realizes that they are dealing with two people that are working together so they will have all the magic they need to rule over both worlds.

Bran has to try to stop the murderers and deal with his feelings for Mairi. This becomes especially difficult since Mairi is the one mortal that give him more magical energy than he has ever been able to get from anyone before. There is another complication on top of the others Bran has an enemy from long ago who is trying to use Mairi to destroy him and the only way to stop his enemy is to stay away from Mairi, but Bran is finding out that is a lot easier said than done. With enemies all around them they are going to have to determine who they can trust so they will both come out of this alive.

This story has an interesting take on the Sidhe. The world building is very good and believable and comes to life for the reader. It has many twists and turns and you are not sure where the story will be going to next. The story takes the reader on a fantastic ride that you hate to see end. This is a fast pace story that will keep you reading until you get to the very last word.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

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