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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Shadow Wranglers

The Shadow Wranglers: Caleb by Sarah McCarty

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

October 2009

ISBN: 978-0-425-23057-2

Pages: 392

Allie can count on Caleb Johnson to come into her bakery every morning at the same time. Though she thought the attraction was mutual she is starting to wonder, since Caleb has never let her know for sure. She is about to admit defeat when walking home one night she is attacked by a wolf. Just when she thinks she isn’t going to be able to get out of this one alive another wolf saves her. There is something very familiar about the second wolf.

Caleb is very attracted to Allie but is hesitant to bring her into his dark world. Being a vampire that has been around for a long time he doesn’t think that Allie is strong enough for his world as a human. Now that his enemies have targeted Allie Caleb isn’t getting a choice anymore on keeping her out of his world. He is going to have to find a way to protect her from his enemies so that she isn’t hurt. Caleb may have been hesitant to have Allie in his world but now that she is there he isn’t about to let her go.

As Allie and Caleb work through their relationship they are going to have to figure out who is trying to attack Allie. It is now starting to look like there is a threat coming from more than just the werewolves that are the normal problem for Caleb and his brothers. It also looks like Caleb and his brothers are going to have to form some new alliances if they all expect to make it through this newest threat alive.

With all the danger around, Allie now has to deal with being a vampire herself and learn to use what powers she has to the best advantage. Which is a lot easier said than done since she is also very impulsive and Caleb has his hands full trying to get Allie to slow down and with dealing with the danger.

This is a very different take on vampires. This book combines vampires with cowboys and what you end up getting is some very hot vampires. This book starts out with a bang and just keeps on going until the very end. This is a start of a series that has a lot of promise to it. This story also has one very sarcastic heroine which makes for a lot of fun in this one.

I give this one 5 red roses

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