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Monday, 17 May 2010

Out Of The Storm




ISBN 978-0-7090-8902-5.

This is the story of two sisters, Loveday and Kate Trevarthen. It is set in the year of 1901 in Cornwall. The sisters were born and reared on a farm, but they now have very different lives

Loveday was married at the age of seventeen to a local fisherman, Joel. They lived very simple lives but were very happy, both of them were longing for a child. Loveday had already lost two babies and now she was pregnant again and desperate to keep this baby. Joel was away at sea for months at a time and although she had kind neighbors and the sisters met as often as they could, Loveday was still very lonely in her small cottage by the harbour. One day when Kate was visiting her, Loveday had a fall and the baby seemed as if it would be born imminently, much too early. What happened that night changed Loveday’s life forever.

Kate had married at the age of twenty, very well, it was assumed, to Arthur Rosewarne . He was very rich and owned a large house on the cliff top, they had several servants. His Mother Maud lived with them and openly showed her dislike of Kate, she was never good enough for her beloved Arthur.

It was in a time when women had little or no rights and the suffragette movement was becoming wide spread in England.

Kate had wonderful clothes and jewelry and it appeared that her husband adored her but was that true? Was Arthur the gentleman he would have everyone believe he was?

On the night that Lovelday gave birth there was a terrible storm and a ship was blown on to the rocks, everyone on board was lost, or so it was assumed.

This story has several twists and is a very enjoyable read; it is something a little different, told with obvious knowledge of the era and the local area.

I award this book 4.5 Red Roses. AS


ALISON said...

I loved this book as well - gripping storyline and wonderful setting. I understand that the author has written several other books too.

CAROLINE said...

An excellent read. Exciting storyline and believable characters. Well worth buying.

Val said...

I agree - I was gripped! Looking forward to Janet Thomas' next book.