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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Turnabout Twins





ISBN 978-0-7090-8625-3

This Regency romance has not one hero but two, Lady Amelia Fairhaven and Lady Anne Fairhaven, twin daughters of the Duke of Severn. The girls were so alike that very few people could tell them apart, even their suitors were fooled. The two girls were very beautiful both in nature and in looks. Their stepmother Lady Juliet Fairhaven often wondered just what would happen if the twins both fell in love with the same man. This she feared could so easily happen as they were as one in thoughts and tastes.

The girls were to have their come out this season in London and were expected to take the city by storm. Already Severn House was full of their admirers as the Duke found on his return from a business trip. Supposedly friends of his son Lord William Fairhaven, Mr. Stephen Young and Sir Whitney Blake had remained at the house for several days having broken their journey to London from Wales, via Devon, on the pretence of visiting the twenty two year old Lord Will. The Duke was not amused and decided that they should continue their journey as soon as possible and leave his household in peace. Lady Anne was entertaining the young men alone as her sister Amelia was away visiting some friends.

When Amelia returns home suddenly, soon after the Duke had arrived and bursts into the room the young men were astounded to see the beautiful twins together.

Amelia had changed while she was away and Anne couldn’t understand this new side to her sister, it was as if she was no longer as close to her and Anne couldn’t read her thoughts, as she used to be able to do.

What Amelia could not confide to anyone, including her beloved sister was that she had fallen deeply and helplessly in love with Mr. James Gault a Scotsman who had visited the family she was staying with. She knew Mr. Gault would not be acceptable to her father as a suitor and James also knew that he was far below her in the social standing and he had told her that there could never be a future for them. But Amelia felt that the love between them was too deep to lose and she could never forget him.

While Amelia was out one day a Mr. James Gault called to see her before Anne could explain the she was not Amelia, but her sister he had pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately . This embrace was to cause so many problems for Anne. Mr. Gault had pulled away from Anne quickly as he realized his mistake but the damage had been done, Anne was hopelessly infatuated and believed herself in love .

This delightful story has many twists and turns until both the girls find real happiness. It is a must, for lovers of this genre and I award this book 4.5 Red AS

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