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Sunday, 11 October 2009

A Poisoned Legacy

A Poisoned Legacy by Margaret Blake

Publisher: Robert Hale

Imagine Belinda Fenton’s astonishment when she is told that she has inherited a property and land thousands of miles away in America, from Jeremiah Nash. Astonishment because Jeremiah was no relation to her - Belinda’s father, Paul Fenton, having married Carolina, the daughter of Anna, Jeremiah’s first wife.

With no particular reason to stay in England, Belinda accepts the legacy and travels to sunny Florida to take up residence in the stunningly beautiful Nash House, surrounded by its lush, green fields.

It isn’t long, however, before Belinda begins to question her decision, especially as she does not receive a great welcome from Jesse Crane, Jeremiah Nash’s natural son, or from Marietta St Cyr, Jeremiah’s (divorced) second wife. Jesse makes it clear that Belinda is making a claim on an inheritance she isn’t entitled to and Marietta obviously believes her son, Carl, should have inherited his adoptive father’s home and land.

Belinda’s unfriendly welcome to Nash House continues when, one night, shortly after her arrival, she is frightened to discover a bird nailed to her porch door. Jesse Crane dismisses the incident as teenagers playing a prank, but, some days later, after a visit to Jesse’s property, the brakes on the pick-up she is driving fail and Belinda crashes into a tree. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that Belinda begins to feel someone wants her to relinquish her legacy.

But, who could that be – Jesse, or Carl, or both men, between whom the Estate would be divided equally if anything happened to Belinda within five years of accepting the bequest?

Belinda’s legacy certainly appears to be poisoned, but does she have the strength to continue her new life in Florida in the face of undeniable danger (and a growing attraction to Jesse), or does she give up everything and return to England.

Read on to discover Belinda’s fate!

I award this book four red roses. PS

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