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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Moonlight Protector

Moonlight Protector: Ashton Grove Werewolves Book 1 by Jessica Coulter Smith

Wild Horse Press


Pages: 308

Cole has gone for a midnight run when he comes upon a single car accident. When he goes closer to check it out he sees an injured woman in the car. Knowing he can’t do anything as a wolf he runs home to get some clothes and his older brother to help him with the injured woman.

Marin sees a wolf and is strangely unafraid of him. Wondering if it is due to her injuries or something else she nevertheless asks the wolf for help. Marin is beginning to think she might have hit her head a lot harder than she first thought when she passed out.

Cole and his brother Gabriel drive back to the accident so that they can get the woman some help. While Cole is getting his truck ready Marin regains consciousness long enough to tell Gabriel “no hospital” before she passes out again. While Cole is getting his truck ready he notices that there are two tracks of skid marks on the pavement where the car went off the road. Realizing there is more going on than he first thought, he goes back to his brother and the woman.

After Cole and Gabriel get Marin home they have a friend get her cleaned up and find out how badly Marin is really hurt. While there friend is cleaning her up the friend notices some older wounds that couldn’t possibly be from the accident.

Wondering what they might be getting into the brothers nonetheless vow to protect Marin from what ever she is running from. As Cole spends time with Marin he realizes that she is the mate he has been waiting to find all his life. Now he just has to keep her safe from the man that is after her and convince her to stay with him when all the trouble is over.

Marin is terrified that Stephen will find her and hurt the brother to try to get her back. Kidnapped and held captive by him once she isn’t about to go back, but she doesn’t want to risk the brothers either specially Cole. Cole makes Marin feel safe for the first time in a very long time. For them to have a life together they are first going to have to take care of the past. Which it looks like will be a lot easier said than done.

This is a good werewolf book. It takes the usual werewolf book and puts an interesting spin on the genre and makes it the uniquely this authors book. It is like a couple books beautifully brought together into one fascinating story. This is worth reading. If you love paranormals you will love this one. I am looking forward to seeing where this series goes.

I give this one 4 -1/2 red roses

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