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Thursday, 29 October 2009

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ISBN 978-0-70908730-4.

Miss Sarah Davenport is in a very awkward position, since her Father died a year ago, her brother James, has been losing a lot of money at cards. Sarah has been managing the family estate, but whenever there is money available from the estate her brother takes it for his gambling depts.

Sarah suspects that he has got into bad company, but when she tries to talk about it to him he denies it.

She has been invited to London by her sister, Lady Alice Tarrant who tries to force her to encourage the advances of very person her brother is in dept to, Lord George Percival the Earl of Ramsdale. Lord Percivale has a very bad reputation and Sarah cannot like him at all. Lady Tarrant has warned Sarah that if she is not betrothed in the month she has given her in London she will do no more for her.

Happily for Sarah a very dear friend Lizzie, who she was at school with in Brighton, begs for her company and they are to go to go to Brighton with Lizzie’s uncle Charlie, General Gardiner, who is going to take the waters in an effort to cure his gout.

The one man that Sarah did think she could have a real affection for is Major Greg Thatcham, whom she met at Lizzie’s home, he had been wounded in battle and had been sent home to recuperate and had travelled home with General Gardiner and Lizzie. Sarah was very disappointed when she realized how close Lizzie and Greg were, almost betrothed she thought.

James Davenport was still losing to Lord Percivale and Sarah was really scared that they would lose their home too.

There are many secrets to be unfurled in this book and life seems hopeless for Sarah, as her brother tries to make her take Lord Percivale, because they might lose their family home if she is not pleasant to him and accept his advances.

. Can Sarah ever find happiness or will she be forced to work for her living and try to get away from the sinister lord who would own her.

This book is a great read, it has many similar qualities to G Heyers books, a must for lovers of this genre. I award this lovely book 5+ Red Roses.AS

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