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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Caretaker

Gabriella Lucas
The Caretaker
The Wild Rose Press
ISBN 978-1-60154-559-6

Just once in a while I am lucky enough to be asked to review a special book, a book that draws me in and holds me, mesmerising and engulfing my senses. The Caretaker is such a book.

Nikki Quinn has both American Indian and Irish blood so it is hardly surprising that she is sensitive to the spirit world. However, when the story opens she is suffering from a painful divorce and looking for love. When her best friend Stephanie gets in touch by email and she realises that she is close to death, Nikki is forced to revisit the house where she had experienced odd feelings as a child. Her sadness at losing a friend, her need and her loneliness bring some surprises.

On the work front Nikki is luckier. She has a brilliant new job and a boss she is falling in love with, but what she cannot know or expect is that she, Michael, Stephanie and the Caretaker are all bound by the terrible tragedies of the past. They must play out a dangerous game before Nikki can find love and happiness and a restless spirit can pass on.

This is not the first book of this kind I have read but it is certainly one of the very best. This writer knows how to hook you and the story itself will haunt you. If you can only buy one book in the next few weeks or months make it this one. You will not regret it. Five red roses. Linda Sole

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