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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Midwinter Marriage

Sarah Stanley
Midwinter Ball
Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN 978-0-7090-8396-2

Beth Temaine is taken from the ball, where she is about to become engaged to Landry Haldane, a story told in a previous book by this author. Sir Guy Valmer needs Beth to be his wife if he is ever to regain the estate stolen from his father by Beth's father in a game of cards. The two have history for Beth has had a colourful past and their paths crossed more than once. She loves Guy with all her heart, but believing that he intends marriage merely for the sake of the estate she attempts to be cold towards him.

Their marriage does not start well but after a while, Beth is forced to confess her love and they are truly man and wife. Unfortunately, Beth's past catches up and in his jealousy, Guy believes the child she bears is another man's.

Can the two find happiness together or are they doomed to find only despair?

This is a period sage, encompassing other lives and stories, though Beth and Guy are the main characters. A skillful, sensual book, which I enjoyed with good description and period background. 4.5 red roses, Morna

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