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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Kate and the Soldier

ISBN 978-0-7090-8434-1

Kate Millbank had longed, for years, to see her childhood friend home again
and now he was coming, albeit under very sad circumstances.
His father and Kate's uncle, the third Earl of Falworth was dying and had
sent for his eldest son to visit it him. Although David was his eldest son
he was not his heir, as he had been born out of wedlock and abroad. When
the Earl had married, sometime later, his wife Regina had presented him two
sons' and a daughter.

The Napoleonic wars were over, David had survived them although badly
wounded, but Kate's brother Philip had not.
Kate wondered if David had changed, or was he still the kind friend who had
been very close to both her and her brother.

Major David Merritt, who had been bought a commission in the army by his
father, had been sent from his much loved home at Westerly, at the age of
just eighteen, reluctantly by his Father, but at the insistence of his
stepmother, who had always disliked her husband's illegitimate eldest son.

To Kate's disappointment David had changed a great deal. He was obviously in
a lot pain from his wound, which still had the bullet embedded in it. He, it
seemed, had become a very bitter man. Kate wondered exactly what made David
keep her at arm's length since he had returned home and why he could no
longer discuss his feelings with her.

David was in torment because he believed that he was to blame for Kate's
brother Philip's ,death and that when he confessed all to Kate she would
surely hate him. Nevertheless he was determined that he would tell her as
soon as he could, but many events at Westerly were to stop him from
confessing his guilt to her for a considerable time.

Life was not made easy for David, by his stepmother Regina, who could not
understand why her husband had sent for his eldest son, as he had no hope of
inheriting anything from the Earl's estate, his commission was all the
expectations he had.

Lawrence her eldest child was a spoilt and pompous person who cared little
for the land and farms, only for the revenue it would bring him. David
however loved his former home and was saddened by the poor state of the land
and crops he found when he rode around the estate.

How can Kate possibly persuade David that she still needs him as a friend
and perhaps more .if he will not confide in her.

This is a lovely involved Regency story, which I am sure you will enjoy, as
it gradually unfolds and you learn to know the whole family, some of whom
are quite unlikable characters, while others you will sympathise with and
hope they find happiness eventually. I think this is a well-written book
with a lovely Regency story, which I really enjoyed and I give this book ,
4.5 Roses AS

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