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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Far After Gold

Far After Gold by Jen Black

Publisher: Lightning Source

ISBN: 978-1-906836-03-0


Pages: 192

Emer thought it was just another day. Deciding to take a walk along the beach by her village, she gets the first shock of many to come. Not paying attention to what was around her as her village hasn’t had any trouble in years she is surprised to find herself suddenly a prisoner of Vikings. Kidnapped and wondering if she will ever be able to see her family again she plots ways to escape the Vikings and return to her home.

Flane has no plans on buying a slave until he finds one that stands out in the slave pen. Flane first sees Emer as she is trying to hide behind other slaves so that she won’t be noticed. Flane takes one look at Emer and knows he has to buy her.

Flane takes Emer home with him only to find out that he has problems he never planned on. Flane never figured Katla would have a problem with him having a slave, though he never counted on her trying to control him and use their engagement as a way to do it. Now Flane is finding out things about Katla that he didn’t know and making him reconsider what he really wants in life.

Emer has to depend on Flane for protection and not just from Katla. Trying to get home is becoming more difficult by the day. Emer is also starting to wonder if she really wants to go home and never see Flane again. Flane and Emer are going to have to make some choices whether they want to or not.

This book takes you back in time to the era of Vikings. It brings the time period to life and the characters are described so vividly that you feel you get to know them as you read. This is a book that is worth reading. You get to take a wonderful trip back in time and live in the times of Vikings.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses.

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