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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Clara's Eastern Delight

Clareta King
Clara’s Eastern delight
Red Rose Publishing
Ebook 68 pages.

Clara Jacobs has been asked to ghost-write for Crown Prince Hakeem Shafiq ibn al-Bashir. Clara writes romances and this is new to her but she is excited by the idea. Despite her agent’s misgivings, Clara is determined to go, if only for the chance of new experiences.

Clara is a little surprised by the luxury she is offered, but much more is in store. When she finally meets the prince he is handsome, his warm hazel eyes making the blood rush to her cheeks. Just what is he thinking? And why did he choose her to do his story above all others?

Find out by reading this love story. This author is new to the Red Rose Publishing list but will surely find her niche here amongst the excellent romance writers at the house. It is enjoyable and sexy but not erotic. 4.5 red roses. Morna.

Coming soon from Red Rose Publishing

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