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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Dark Ancient Queen

Dark Ancient Queen

Ally is a photographer and good at her job. She is in Paris when she hears that her sister has had an accident, and when she returns home Ally goes to her sister’s apartment. She mourns her death, but gradually she begins to realize that the car accident might not have been just an accident but something far more sinister. How long before she begins to understand that the beautiful Egyptian necklace sent to her sister may be the key to a larger mystery, and why does she feel as if her mind is being taken over by a dark ancient queen? Is what she is feeling for Jack Brendan, the new man in her life, real--or merely fantasy.

This is the blurb for the sexy new book by Anne Ireland. A tale of sorcery, sexual powers and the influence of an ancient Egyptian queen colour this enthralling book. I found the way in which Ally was gradually sucked into the past by the mesmeric powers of the queen fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed this time slip novel.

Anne Ireland has written a hot sexy book and it is recommended. 4.5 red roses. RN

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