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Monday, 4 June 2007

Precious Things

Precious Things by Katelyn Hughes
Triskelion Publishing
May 2007
163 Pages
Contemporary Romance

Katelyn Hughes has written an enjoyable contemporary romance that I couldn’t stop reading until I reached the final page! Engrossing, poignant and unashamedly romantic, I look forward to reading more novels by this writer who also writes under the name of Gail Delaney!

Precious Things is the story of Benjamin Prescott Roth, a man who refuses to let anyone get too close to him and who has always shut himself off from the world in order not to experience pain, heartache and rejection. But things for Ben are about to change when feisty Jewell Kincaid comes into his life and begins to show him how to love.

But just when the two are getting closer together, Ben’s world is shaken to its core when his sister is killed. Is Ben about to retreat in his silent and austere world? Or will he let Jewel’s strength, compassion and love support him in his time of need.
Katelyn Hughes has written a terrific romantic novel that’s emotional, moving and very difficult to put down. If emotional romances are your cup of tea, then add this novel to your must-buy list!

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