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Thursday, 21 June 2007

An Apology

Some of the reviews on Red Roses are for Triskelion authors. We understand that the publisher is closing, and that some of these books may not be available in the future. We apologise to any reader who would like to buy them. However, the reviews will remain on site, because the purpose of the reviews is mainly to publise authors, and many of them will find other publishers. They will be featured here when they do, and we want to say how sorry we are that a lot of authors are losing their publisher, and to wish them well in the future. Anne

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Jess Dee said...

Thank you Red Roses.
As an author, from Triskelion, whose book you have reviewed (Boys Down Under), I am especially appreciative for all of the time and efort you have put into the Triskelion authors. Hopefully we'll soon be giving you new links where readers can purchase our books!
Jessica Dee
Dee-liciously Sexy Romance
Ask Adam: Coming Sep '07 from Samhain Publishing
Photo Opportunity: Due for re-release soon from Samhain Publishing