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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Beloved Captive

Melanie Atkins/ Beloved Captive/Triskelion Publishing/ebook/156pgs
Becca Daniels has made a friend of Meg, a little girl who saw her parents murdered. It is while she is talking to the judge about making the court testimony easier for the child that a man bursts into Judge Boykin's chambers and kills him. Becca might have been killed herself had not Detective Kevin Jacobs arrived in time.

The murderer – Alan Fowler – wounds Kevin with a knife, who shoots at him. He now has Fowler's gun, and because of an earlier miscarriage of justice, Kevin is forced to kidnap Becca to escape before the police arrive. Becca is scared at first, but soon learns to trust and care about the man who claims to be the good guy. They are on the run together, desperate to bring down the boss of an evil syndicate before he gets to them. Becca and Kevin have to stay alive to save Meg and clear Kevin's name.

This is an exciting, nail biting suspense/romance. The love scenes are good, and the story is a
page-turner from first to last. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and shall look forward to more by this excellent author! Five red roses. Anne

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