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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Review For Helen Ravell

Helen Ravell/Summer Wine/Dark Eden Press/ebook/182 pgs

Claire Graham works for a tour company, taking people to sample Australia’s best wines. It has been a hard tour, especially because of one man who keeps pestering her. She escapes to the rest room, but when she hears an American voice she tells him to go away and leave her alone. His laughing protest makes her turn her head and instead of the creep she had been avoiding, she sees a handsome stranger. His name is Sam Bennett and the attraction between them is instant.

Sam soon gets to know and to love Claire’s family, but when it comes to his own he doesn’t want to discuss them. When Claire tries to find a job so that she can stay at the vineyard to be near him, she fails but Sam sends in her CV and she lands a job with more money that she could dream of earning.

Sam has a secret. What will happen when Claire discovers the truth? Will she still want to be his wife, and can she stand up to his domineering mother? Only true love will find the way to happiness for them both.

This is a sensual, enjoyable love story. Helen Ravell is a great storyteller! It was my first from Dark Eden and I hope they are going to be publishing more like this! 4.5 red roses, Anne

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