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Monday, 25 June 2007

Family Secrets

Family Secrets by Patricia Fawcett
Published by Robert Hale

Josie and Ray have been married for over 25 years. With their son, Matthew, having spread his wings, Josie feels the need for some excitement in her life, but Ray is seemingly happy with the way things are. Then, one Christmas, Matthew brings home his first serious girlfriend, Alice. Much to Josie’s shock and surprise, Alice is the daughter of her first love, Jack. New Year and Matthew is invited to meet Alice’s parents when her mother, Valerie, is equally shocked to learn that Matthew’s mother is her old love rival. Matthew and Alice’s relationship develops and they intend to marry, making it inevitable that their parents should meet. Valerie takes the plunge and invites Josie and Ray to spend the weekend with herself and Jack. Josie is filled with anticipation at meeting her old lover, but Valerie is anxious that their love will be rekindled. Is this the excitement that Josie has been looking for?
This book is a great read. Its characters are very likeable and easily identifiable and there are many twists and turns from the main plotline to keep the reader intrigued. I award this book four red roses. PS

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