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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Desire And Dishonour

Juliet Landon.
ISBN 978-0-263-85182-3. /PB
HMB Publishers.
Miss Caterina Chester lives at 18, Paradise Road with her father, stepmother, her sister Sara and brother Harry, when he is at home, also with two pairs of twins from her father’s second marriage.

The house is extremely over-crowded and Caterina’s father; Stephen Chester has been desperate for her to marry for years. She was forced into two engagements, which she broke off before the weddings and now at the age of twenty-three her father has almost given up hope of her ever marrying.

Arriving home one day with her sister Sara she realises that her father has a guest as besides her Aunt’s Phaeton standing in the yard there is a large grey horse which she doesn’t recognise. Calling the groom she asks if her father has a visitor and also why her Aunts Phaeton is so muddy. He tells her that her brother Harry took out the carriage and that is how it was returned. Caterina is very angry, as Harry had no permission to take the carriage out, as it was loaned to her and not Harry. She storms into the house to see her father and encounters Sir Chase Boston with her father. She demands to know where Harry is but instead finds that Harry has lost the carriage in a bet to Sir Chase Boston. Her temper flares and she demands answers from Sir Chase. With her eyes flashing and her flame coloured hair flying Sir Chase Boston is intrigued. Suddenly hearing the children making a loud commotion upstairs she sweeps from the room.

Tell me about your daughter? Sir Chase asks Stephen Chester. Having just been told that Harry has lost five thousand pounds to Sir Chase Boston as well as the carriage Stephen Chester is feeling bitter and angry. He tells Sir Chase of Caterinas two broken engagements and says that he has no hopes of her ever getting to the altar.

Sir Chase amazes him by offering to forgo the money and the carriage if Caterina will marry him. This delights and surprises Stephen Chester who readily agrees to the offer but doubts that Caterina will agree to such a bargain. When told of the bargain Caterina is outraged and refuses to have anything to do with Sir Chase Boston.

Caterina has a wonderful voice and is asked to sing at many grand houses where she invariably meets Sir Chase. At first she ignores him when ever possible but finds against her will she is strangely attracted to him. With many clashes of will and some adventures ahead of her, has Caterina finally met her destiny?
This is an exciting read with twists and turns, I highly recommend this book and award it 4
roses. As
Sounds like a good book! Anne

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