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Friday, 30 May 2008

Wicked Temptations

Wicked Temptations/ Tambra Kendall/ Whiskey Creek Press
Ebook/66 pages

This is the first book in Volume 9 of a Celtic Love knots production. Laria was putting shortbread into a display cabinet when a gorgeous man walked into her shop. He was delivering a final offer on her property, which she will never accept. Laria invites him to dinner, but she has more than food on her mind. She wants him to represent her against the man threatening her.

Laria is the guardian of a sacred trust but it and she are danger. She must make Cameron fall in love with her – but does she need magic?

Sexy and fun!

The Dark Mist is the second book in this volume. This is a story of goddesses and druids - another tale of magic and sensual love in Ireland with a surprise at the end.

I think I preferred the second book, though both were enjoyable. Magic and sensuality go well together and if you enjoy Celtic stories you won’t want to miss this pair.

Four red roses. Morna

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Tambra said...

Thank you Morna, for the lovely review. I'm looking forward to adding it to my website.

Many thanks for your time.

All my best,
Tambra Kendall