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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

French Twist

Sloane Taylor/French Twist/Eternal Press/47pages/ebook

Don arrives at work to discover that his French assistant has mistakenly ordered a large amount of cow manure, which has been tipped on the drive. Claudette refuses to believe him until she checks her "small" mistake. Don finds her irritating but also very sexy! Her uncle soon tells her how to solve the problem of the over large order, but Claudette is in real trouble. She needs to keep her mind clear but how can she when Don is playing havoc with her libido?

Claudette works for Interpol. Her world is one that deals with gangsters and sinister Russians. Can Don cope with what he is about to discover - and can they ever be together?

No one does short, sexy books better than Sloane Taylor! She combines sensual romance with mystery and intrigue and comes up smelling of roses. Sweet and sassy. Five red roses, Morna

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Sloane Taylor said...

Thank you, Morna, for the compliments and the beautiful bouquet!