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Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Dreadful Duke

Barbara Hazard/The Dreadful Duke/ Robert Hale/ hardback
ISBN 978-070-908461-7 £18.99/ 223 pages

The Duke of Severn finds his two thirteen year old daughters bathing in a lake on a hot day with a young woman he does not recognise. He calls her rude names and blames her for allowing his twin daughters to run wild, but when the truth becomes known he is left with egg on his face. He has to apologise to a rather reserved young lady who makes her dislike of him obvious. Determined to overcome her reserve and finding himself more and more attracted to Lady Juliet Manchester, the duke finds it difficult to understand why she seems to find his touch abhorrent. Meanwhile his daughters have decided they want Juliet as a stepmother and get up to all kinds of tricks to bring this about. However, Juliet has a secret in her past that makes marriage impossible.

This is a pleasing Regency romp with a touching revelation at the end. Well worth readinf. 4,5 red roses, Morna

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