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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Sarah's Journey

Ginger Simpson/ Sarah’s Journey/Eternal Press/ ebook/160 pages

Sarah is with a wagon train travelling to a new life when they suffer a savage attack by Indians. Sarah lives through it. She tries in vain to save a friend and then sets out carrying a little water but no food. During a buffalo stampede she climbs a tree and there sees a man who was not as lucky. She believes him to be pure bred Indian and when he falls from his horse she steals it. However, she is bitten by a snake soon after and the horse returns to its master. When Grey Wolf comes to his senses and sets out on the trail will he show Sarah compassion or pass by?

Grey wolf is a half-breed, treated with contempt by the white man and the Indian, but he has remained true to himself. In a time when hate ruled how could these two opposites ever hope to find love and happiness?

The Indian attack was so graphic and detailed that it brought home the horror to me far more than any western film I’ve watched. This is a story of love out of time, beautiful, poignant and sad. However, there is a surprise at the end. I’m not sure it needed the happy ending, because I loved the reality and truth of the story, but it is a lovely book and one to buy. Five red roses, Linda

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Ginger Simpson said... actually GOT what I was trying to convey. That's the most any author can hope for. Five Roses to you for an awesome review. Thank you so much for enjoying Sarah's Journey.